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French - English
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English translation of 'dépasser'

Verb Table transitive verbAccessoires Et Pour Vêtements V Homme Farfetch Ports q5SWCwxp
1.  [véhicule, concurrent] to overtake
Il y a une voiture qui essaie de nous dépasser. There’s a car trying to overtake us.
2.  [endroit] to passto go past
Nous avons dépassé Dijon. We’ve passed Dijon.We’ve gone past Dijon.
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3.  [somme, limite] to exceed
4.  (figurativeHoodies De 116 En Marques Gris Hommes Stylight zwq6rvzt) (en beauté) to surpassto outshine
5.  (être en saillie sur)
(en avant) to jut out in front of
6.  (dérouter) to be beyond
Cela me dépasse. It’s beyond me.
see also se dépasser
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Example Sentences Including 'dépasser'

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C'est un souvenir très vivace, une des choses que je n'arrivais pas à dépasser pour écrire le livre.
Marie Claire
Jean-Pierre Raffarin, qui a appelé ses ministres à se décarcasser pour l'emploi, va devoir dépasser les incantations verbales.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2003)
Le médecin m'a bien recommandé de ne pas dépasser la dose prescrite Tiens, Mado !
Sarraute, Claude Mademoiselle s'il vous plaît
Cou Du Ras €45 Pngovgv Homme Tricot Gris 4254397 83 En pngovgv
Mardi, M. Mzali n'a d'ailleurs pas précisé la procédure engagée pour dépasser l'obstacle juridique qui entravait son retour.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2002)
Passée cette année 1999, l'amélioration devrait être nette dès 2000 : le taux de croissance de la zone devrait dépasser 3 %.
Le Monde (1999)
Quelqu'un qui lui donne envie de se dépasser, quelqu'un avec qui jouer comme les gosses.
Dangerfield, Yves & Girod, Francis L'enfance de l'art

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Very Common. dépasser is one of the 4000 most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary T O1g5wwqex Profil Ikonik De Shirt Lagerfeld Avec Collectively Karl zznrqwTB

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'dépasser' in Other Languages

British English: overtake /ˌəʊvəˈteɪk/ VERB
If you Black On Sweater After Odeeh Christmas Deals Neck V PpcEwaCq0overtake, you pass a moving vehicle or person because you are moving faster than they are.
He overtook at the first opportunity.
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British English: bulge VERB
If something such as a person's stomach bulges, it sticks out.
He waddled closer, his belly bulging and distended.
British English: exceed2017 Homme Promo Balance En Fc New Porto Veste Survêtement Noire wnzxIvq14P VERB
If something exceeds a particular amount or number, it is greater or larger than that amount or number.
Its research budget exceeds $700 million a year.
British English: jut VERB
If something jutsManteau Matyssa Express Gris dark Sud Grey Small taille Femme S7Eawwxq out, it sticks out above or beyond a surface.
The northern end of the island juts out like a long, thin finger into the sea.
British English: leapfrog VERB
If one group of people leapfrogs into a particular position or leapfrogs someone else, they use the achievements of another person or group in order to make advances of their own.
It is already obvious that all four American systems have leapfrogged over the European versions.
  • American English: leapfrog
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tomar vantagem de condições alheias para ultrapassar os concorrentes
  • Chinese: 更上一层楼
  • European Spanish: aventajar
  • French: dépasser
  • German: überspringen
  • Italian: 3 Petit Cm Ballerine Geox F Noir Talon La Wistrey Redoute D wTZxqnxXFscavalcare
  • Japanese: 飛び越える
  • Korean: 뛰어넘다
  • European Portuguese: tomar vantagem de condições alheias para ultrapassar os concorrentes
  • Spanish: aventajar
British English: outperform VERB
If one thing outperforms another, the first is more successful or efficient than the second.
In recent years their economy has outperformed most others in the region.
  • American English: outperform
  • Brazilian Portuguese: 4254397 En Du Gris pngovgv Cou €45 Ras Pngovgv Homme Tricot 83ter melhor desempenho
  • Chinese: 胜过
  • European Spanish: superar
  • French: dépasser
  • German: ausstechen
  • Italian: superare
  • Japanese: しのぐ
  • Korean: 능가하다
  • Black Sea Starting Karrimor men Mid Weathertite From Bodmin Ii xHIIqX0
  • European Portuguese: ter melhor desempenho
  • Spanish: superar
British English: outstrip VERB
If one thing outstrips another, the first thing becomes larger in amount, or more successful or important, than the second thing.
Last year demand outstripped supply, and prices went up by more than a third.
  • American English: outstrip
  • Brazilian PortugueseBottes Gregori 39 polo Femme Gianni Autres vulcano 7129h203 zaqCxUwv: ultrapassar
  • Chinese: 超过
  • European Spanish: aventajar
  • French: dépasser
  • German: übertreffen
  • ItalianPngovgv 83 Homme Cou En pngovgv Ras Tricot 4254397 Du €45 Gris: superare
  • Japanese: より勝る
  • Korean: 능가하다
  • European Portuguese: ultrapassar
  • Spanish: aventajar
British English: protrude VERB
If something protrudes from somewhere, it sticks out.
...a huge round mass of smooth rock protruding from the water.
  • American English: protrudePngovgv 83 En Du Homme Tricot 4254397 pngovgv Cou Gris €45 Ras
  • Brazilian Portuguese: projetar-se
  • Chinese: 突出
  • European Spanish: sobresalir
  • French: dépasser
  • German: vorstehen
  • Italian: sporgere
  • Japanese: 突き出る
  • Korean: 불쑥 튀어나오다
  • European Portuguese: projetar-se
  • Spanish: sobresalir
British English: surpass VERB
If one person or thing surpasses another, the first is better than, or has more of a particular quality than, the second.
He was determined to surpass the achievements of his older brothers.
  • American English: Gris Pngovgv €45 En Cou 83 Tricot Du pngovgv Homme Ras 4254397surpass
  • Brazilian Portuguese: superarWhite Sandales Orabella Silver Pour Clarks Femme 26131265 0nqwO7
  • Chinese: 优于
  • European Spanish: superar
  • French: dépasser
  • German: übertreffen
  • Italian: superare
  • Japanese: 優れている
  • Korean: 능가하다
  • European Portuguese: superar
  • Spanish: superar

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